Custom Cable Manufacturer is Betting Big on M12 Connector Automation

In the increasingly fast-paced world we live in today, automation is becoming not just a plus to have for many businesses, but a necessity for improving operational efficiency to meet budget and time restrictions. When not just a few, but all of the biggest players in any industry have begun implementing automation into much of their production, manufacturing, and processes, automation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. 

As this becomes the case for more and more industries worldwide, this means that the tools and equipment used to enable automation are in higher demand than ever, including the advanced software engineers utilize to program automation, to the hardware, cables and connectors that carry electronic signals to the equipment being automated. 

One of the most frequently used and important types of connectors that power this automation is the ever reliable, compact and powerful M12 connector and the specialized cables utilized with said connectors. As a leading custom cable manufacturer in the United States, Technical Cable Applications is proud to provide custom connectivity and cable solutions that empower companies across various industries and practices to leverage automation to its fullest extent, and have taken extra care to have a full inventory of M12 connectors and hardware to meet the needs of more and more manufacturers and corporations every month. 

Based in the Seattle area of Washington state, Technical Cable Applications’ engineers and staff understand that every automation application is unique, with specific requirements and challenges that vary wildly based on industry and government restrictions and standards. As a custom M12 cable and cable assembly manufacturer, TCA specializes in crafting custom and off-the-shelf solutions tailored to meet the precise needs of their clients. All aspects of the cable or assembly are accounted for carefully including length, shielding, wire gauge, and special connectors, and everything is assembled to exact specifications, ensuring seamless integration within the automation ecosystem. 

Technical Cable Applications is ISO 9001:2015 certified and UL certified for cable assemblies in the United States and Canada. If you are in need of M12 cables to support your automation needs, or have other requirements for different types of cables, you can find them at

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