Choosing Between Thongs and Boy Shorts on Christmas Day

The first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we take off at night on any given day is our underwear. What factors do we take into account when deciding between, say, thongs and boy shorts, as an example? Of course, we consider the price, the style, and the level of comfort. Ultimately, it comes down to our individual preferences.

The pros and cons of each style are listed below because some women find it difficult to choose between a thong and a boy short.

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Boy Shorts

This kind of panty is not for boys. It has a very feminine appearance and resembles the bottom of an older bathing suit. When first used, it provides a pleasant surprise. Even without the use of elastic, this wonderful style is snug to the body and has a straight leg opening across the bottom. It goes well with both summer dresses and jeans. In comparison to most other underwear, it offers fuller coverage, allowing women to stay warm in that area during the colder months.

Underwear in the boy shorts style can be lacey or not. While some styles are high cut and offer more tummy coverage while remaining feminine and attractive, others are high cut and have a low rise and are made of lycra. Boy shorts’ benefits therefore include low cut leg openings, no visible panty line (VPL), and new, fashionable styles. The cons of this style are its no-butt shaping and constricting legs. A more comfortable pair of boy shorts that stay in place while the body moves should be taken into consideration if the crotch keeps riding up.


It’s commonly believed that because a thong maintains the roundness of the butts without compressing the “cheeks,” they look better when worn. However, there are some benefits to Christmas thongs over boy shorts. Some women don’t even notice they are wearing one; others find it uncomfortable; still others like it because it makes them feel like a big girl. Perhaps it is best for teenage girls to consult their mothers before donning a thong.

Thongs are generally uncomfortable for women. But as was already stated, it all depends on the criteria used to select the undergarments. Some people may appreciate the added coverage, while others may not. Different people have different perspectives on baring or barely covering one’s bottom.

Hygiene is one issue with wearing thongs. While they avoid wedgies and panty lines, they might not be the best option when it comes to health issues. Thongs are closely fitted and close to the body. They slide back and forth as the body moves, bringing bacteria into your vagina. This could result in a bacterial vaginal infection, also known as an UTI.

Women can choose better underwear when they shop if they are aware of the differences between a thong and a boy short.

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