Candy Crush Saga for Android Review

Candy Crush Saga, which falls firmly into the casual category, is a one-thumbed time-killer that has been carefully designed to draw you in.


  • Huge number of puzzles.
  • Easy game play.
  • Challenging variations.


  • Repetitive.
  • Little to no strategy.
  • Levels are either too hard or too easy.

One of the free mobile games that best describes the “casual” genre is Candy Crush Saga. Candy Crush Saga is simple to play and even simpler to become addicted to; if you let it, it could easily eat up all of your free time (and money). Look no further if you want mindless colour matching.

Getting Crushed

Played any Bejeweled? Have you tried any of the countless Bejeweled imitations? After that, you’ve engaged in Candy Crush Saga. You can get the idea by simply substituting hunger-inducing candies for gems.

Simply swiping two candies will switch their positions, and the feedback is so carefully calculated that even someone who has never used a smartphone before is likely to understand it in a matter of seconds. You have a set number of moves to rack up as many points as you can. To “crush” candies and earn points, line up at least three of them in a row (or at least five in an L).

Angry Birds Friends (for Android) Review

Dedicated Angry Birds fans will enjoy this more socially conscious installment. Nothing will be alluring enough to draw in the rest of them.


  • It’s still fun to crush buildings and kill pigs.
  • Interesting powerups.


  • Dated play formula that factors in a lot of luck.
  • Pay-to-win mechanics.
  • Requires constant internet connection.

Since it debuted on Facebook last year, Angry Birds Friends (available for Android for free) isn’t a brand-new instalment in the avian-destruction saga. Instead, this version is the game’s mobile adaptation. Weekly tournaments where you compare your scores to those of your friends set this Angry Birds game apart from others. Unfortunately, the pay-to-win system in Angry Birds Friends detracts from the overall enjoyment.

Let Me Put Birds in My Calendar

The gameplay follows a tried-and-true pattern. You hurl a number of birds at Pigs’ structures in an effort to put an end to the filthy, green monsters’ lives. No new avian creatures are available to you, but you can now use buffs to ease the difficulty of the task on every level. Those persist for either one level or just until your following bird. The ability to increase a bird’s resistance to damage, summon a scope that shows the aiming trail (which was always active in previous iterations, and cause a “birdquake” to topple weaker constructions are all available. Powerups can be replenished with in-game coins or bought outright with real money.

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