Can You Recover Data After a Factory Reset on Android Phones?

The only option if your Android phone can no longer be used is to factory reset it. A factory reset, commonly referred to as a hard reset, clears all data and settings from your device and restores it to its default settings.

But is it possible to retrieve data from an Android phone that has undergone a factory reset? We’ll look at which data you can recover and which you can’t, as well as when you should think about performing a hard reset on your Android device.

Can recover data after factory reset android?

Android devices come pre-encrypted since Android 6 Marshmallow. This means that you don’t need to be concerned about individuals employing forensic techniques to access your deleted data.

The FDE or FBE protocols are used by Android devices, and they also have a TRIM feature that clears and deletes data as it is destroyed. By doing this, any possibility of retrieving it after a factory reset of your phone is gone.

These files are encrypted, so even if tools can extract them from your device, no one else can read them. This is just one of the many benefits of turning on end-to-end encryption across all of your devices.

How To Recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy Without Software?

The best ways to recover deleted images from Samsung phones are described in this section. Try them out.

Method 1: Perform Samsung Phone Photo Recovery Via Recycle Bin

When we lose any significant photos from our iPhones, the first place we go is the Recently Deleted folder, isn’t that right? Similar to that, we’ll follow the same procedure here.

The Samsung phones, however, do not have a recently deleted option. To do Samsung phone deleted photo recovery, look for the Recycle Bin option in place of Recently Deleted on all Samsung smartphones.

To restore deleted images from a Samsung phone without a computer, follow these steps:

Open the Gallery app and then tap the hamburger button.
Choose “Recycle bin” >> tap the pictures you want to recover.
To add those images to a Samsung photo gallery, select “Restore” from the menu.

Try other options if you can’t find your missing photographs in the recycle bin.

Method 2: How To Get Deleted Photos Back Samsung Device From Samsung Cloud?

If you own a Samsung smartphone, you may be familiar with the “Samsung Cloud” feature that comes with your device. This fantastic tool is primarily used to backup important data like pictures, videos, or other media assets.

You can therefore restore your priceless photos from the Samsung cloud if you have backed them up there and the sync option is turned on.

To learn how to restore deleted photos from a Samsung tablet using Samsung Cloud, follow the instructions below:

Go to the Settings first from the Home screen.
After descending, select Cloud & Accounts.

Click on the Samsung Cloud at this time.
Tap the Restore button under Backup & Restore.
Lastly, select Pictures >> then choose Restore Immediately.

When You Should Factory Reset the Phone

You may not always necessary to factory reset your phone. It might be possible to fix it by simply restarting it to clear its memory, running an antivirus programme, or deleting a questionable app. But, there are times when you are forced to factory reset it because you have no other option.

When There’s Too Much Junk

Your phone probably contains apps, videos, images, and other items that you can’t even recall if you’ve had it for a while. Also, while your phone continues to operate, a tonne of data and cached files will build up, slowing down its performance. All of this may be cleared up with a factory reset.

You should be aware that there are additional techniques to clean out the garbage on your phone without wiping off your files and data. You can manually remove apps that are causing your phone to run slowly and to lose content, but you could also utilise a third-party tool to optimise your Android smartphone.

How to Recover Data After a Factory Reset

Thankfully, Android phones include a built-in backup feature that lets you restore your data following a factory reset. Go to the phone’s Settings > Backup and reset and switch on Backup my data to enable it.

But, if you didn’t get a chance to enable the function and you had to perform a factory reset on your phone to remove malware, it’s conceivable that data not directly related to particular apps with cloud support may be lost. As a last option, you might give one of the Android apps that recovers deleted files a shot.

Make Sure You Back Up Your Phone Before a Factory Reset

Hopefully, we were able to address your concerns concerning data recovery after a factory reset. Fortunately, as long as you’ve enabled the data recovery option or are utilising other cloud services, Android makes it simpler to get your data back. As long as you have encryption enabled, you don’t need to worry about someone else accessing your data.

One of the frequent mistakes made by Android users, although not the only one, is not backing up their data.

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