Bug Problem? Act Now!

Have you been noticing red, itchy bites on your skin for the last few days? Well, it may be a sign of bed bugs. Start keeping track of the number of times you see small spots of blood on your bedsheets and you may be looking at a bed bug infestation in your home. While they are hard pests to get rid of, you need not panic. With bed bug control in Vancouver professionals, you can take proactive action against them!

So why are they so dangerous? Read on to find out how they can have a detrimental effect on the quality of your life. Some of the major issues include:


Bed bugs cause allergies which can trigger your already present allergies. For example, if you have breathing problems, then bed bugs in your home can severely affect it. They have been known to cause shock in some people because of their very nature. This can be dangerous and even lead to death.


They can cause infections on the skin, especially on the arms and the shoulders. It is easy to scratch the skin that has been bitten by these pests because they act when you are asleep. This can give rise to more areas being infected.

Hard to Get Rid of

This is so true. Anyone who has had a bed bug infestation problem at home knows how difficult they can be get rid of. This is because they can arrive from anywhere. They can come by train or bus or any sort of public transport. They can come in luggage or bags. Controlling them is very difficult unless you get professional help. 

Also, they are great at hiding themselves. They will disappear from your view during the day because they know that you are awake. It is only at night that they come out and feast on the blood of people sleeping. This is scary on many levels. 


If you don’t get rid of the bed bugs soon, they can give rise to insomnia. This is because it can be hard for you and your family members to go to sleep knowing that bed bugs are waiting to come out after you close your eyes. When this goes on for a while, it will lead to naturally reduced sleep cycles and insomnia.


Knowing that your house is infested with bed bugs can cause anxiety in your life. You may fear when people come to your home for a chat. You may become more socially conscious about the fact that your home has these pests.

Don’t let the bed bug infestation go on for too long. It is in your best interests to try and get rid of these pests before too much time passes. It is not a good thing to live in an infected house for years. So call in the expert professionals before things go from bad to worse!

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