Bore Pump a Reliable Equipment for Groundwater Extraction

By laying bore pumps and extracting the groundwater effectively and efficiently, it has become a major contributor to modern water management techniques. By the way, our bore pumps are sources to drill out the reliable water in the most efficient manner. People of Australia are never indifferent, they use bore pumps to suffice the need for drinking, large scale agricultural irrigation. For that matter, our technical experts at Swell Irrigation can pinpoint the location where you can draw the maximum benefit from the groundwater present at various levels.   

Are you troubled by bore pump problems in your irrigation issues or reticulation system? If so, you can depend on swell irrigation for local irrigation, and reticulation issues. We will reach you quickly with tools and technology in a fully stocked van  to the earliest. Our updated tools and technology makes us locate solenoids, and trace wiring in a trouble free manner. Our projects confine to residential, rural and commercial installations and maintenance of irrigation and reticulation systems. In addition, we attend urgent repairs on minor/major irrigation projects and our irrigation solutions are on par with Australian Standards. Our businesses have firm footholds in the regions of  Rockingham, and Mandurah and our job service is highly professional, efficient and attended without delay. However, we want you to understand the importance of bore pumps, and its role in groundwater extraction. Our experts provide the best bore pump installation services and we adopt bore pump installation techniques that touch the groundwater beds with precision to give you the desired flow of groundwater into your homes. 

Selecting the Right Pump

  1. Take the advice of our technical experts for choosing the right pump to lift water from the created boreholes as they are made available in two forms, submersible pumps & centrifugal pumps. Only bore experts can help you in deciding the right form of pump you require, our bore driller will recommend a pump after checking parameters of flow rate, bore depth, and head requirements.  
  2. Our assigned bore technicians constantly tell everybody to make an investment in a quality pump otherwise you can fall prey to money losses and incur irreplaceable time loss. 

Bore Pump Installation Techniques

  1. Our bore pump technical experts begin with the drilling of the bore hole keeping insight of the facts such as casing the borehole. 
  2. The borehole casing prevents the collapse of the pump and the gravel packing improvises the water flow. 
  3. Our technical experts define the depth of the borehole depending upon the static water level, and the pumping water level factors.
  4. One segment of the pump is attached to the power source and our technicians are mindful in positioning the pump correctly in the borehole. 
  5. We organise excellent electricians to connect the installation pump to the main power supply and the reticulation system. 
  6. Locating the power lines beneath the soil can be best done by the owner but our technical professionals can serve your identification needs of the electrical wirings. 
  7. After the installation of the bore pump, believe in us we will give you the best pump set recommendation for its optimal performance and you will reap the best output. 
  8. For our customers, our maintenance technicians give an assurance of perfect functioning of the installed submersible bore pumps for a period of 20 years. 
  9. Another enterprising feature in our bore pump services is the thorough testing of the borehole pump system. Through this test, we assure you that our laid bore pump functionality is perfect and gives you 100 percent performance. 
  10. Our technicians make a thorough check to identify leaks, calibrate the rate of flow of water, and monitorisation of the pressure. By doing so, you will find that our timely checks shall minimise the major impending problems.  
  11. We give complete assurance that our well-drillers handle bore drilling by maintaining compliance with regulations and safety standards.

 Bore Pump & its Lifespan Improvisation

  1. Although the formation of water scales leading to corrosion or overheating of the electrical motor become a major cause of performance failure our technical advice can maximise the lifespan.  

a.      While installing the pump, you must set up the pump correctly. 

b.      You must take the help of our maintenance technicians to monitor water levels and water pressure. 

c.      Our technical maintenance support makes your bore pump set last for long. 


The constant extraction of the groundwater for various purposes like drinking, cooking, bathing, regular house chores etc. and to fulfill the irrigation needs. You need right bore drillers to create borewells in Western Australia. Our technical team shall perform all necessary tests and then recommend to start the drilling operations at the right locations in Western Australia. At Swell Irrigation we have the right equipments, trained staff to meet your needs. We recommend that you seek expertise to get a lifelong trouble-free bore pump installed that meets your day to day needs. 

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