What exactly is a Bigo Live Clone that Omninos offers?

A Bigo Clone Script contains all of the same capabilities as the original Bigo App as well as other apps like and NanoLive. With only minor modifications to the script, one may get their business up and running quickly. It aids in the acceleration of your firm by offering a pre-built ramp.The success of the firm is greatly aided by the use of live streaming software. Companies can utilise live streaming tools to organise meetings and events, as well as to keep in touch with clients. All you need is the right live streaming script to make a live streaming application. Omninos offers a bigo live clone script with features, performance, and specifications that are similar to the original. The Omninos-developed bigo clone script has a user-friendly interface that makes it more vibrant and interesting. The bigo clone script makes it simple to create an exact copy of the bigo application with all of the features you need to make it the ideal live streaming application.

What exactly is a Bigo clone script?

Bigo live clone is an online solution that contains nearly all of the major, basic functionalities of Bigo live, the prominent live streaming platform. As a result, you can use it effectively as the fundamental solution for quickly and affordably creating your own spectacular live streaming platform. A readymade and flexible Bigo live clone with unrivalled performance would also be ideal for a variety of live streaming company concepts. So, with a dependable Bigo live clone script, realising your live streaming business dreams will never be a difficult task.

How can you create your own Bigo live clone app in three easy steps using our Bigo live clone script?

Get your own Bigo live clone app right now.

If you don’t want to waste time and money, you may acquire a ready-made Bigo live clone software from Omninos and start your business right now.

Make your Bigo live clone script unique.

Contact our specialists at Omninos to have your Bigo live clone script modified to your specifications. Our Bigo live clone script is completely configurable to the needs of the client.

Engage the services of a professional development team.

Omninos can provide you with a team of specialised developers to build your own Bigo live clone software from the bottom up. Our programmers are well-versed in current market conditions and trends, and can create a Bigo live clone app that is both functional and attractive.

What precisely are the clones of Dubsmash and Bigo Live?

Create an app with an intuitive user interface to assist professionals in showcasing their talent, reaching a larger audience, engaging with fans and followers, becoming popular, and monetizing by going Live. Contains a superset of features from all of the popular live streaming apps, including, Nonolive, and Bigo, and allows you to earn money online by turning your talent broadcast into a business!

Our bigo clone app’s features

Broadcasting Made Simple

Users can broadcast live videos in only a few seconds with our Bigo clone app. That’s where it comes in handy for running smooth business meetings.

Live feedback is available.

Assume you’re utilising our Bigo clone app for your product’s promotional efforts. Users and potential buyers can leave feedback on live videos, which might help you enhance the offering.

Viewers in Real Time

Users may keep track of their followers and who is viewing their videos using this functionality in our Bigo clone script. This tool can assist business owners in tracking where their potential consumers are located.

Recent occurrences

Streamers can manage their live streaming process and keep track of their previously aired videos. Users can use the “Recent History” function to help them decide which videos to preserve and which to trash.

Why should you use a Bigo live clone for your live streaming business?

Nowadays, everything is live streaming, and people like to watch news, the newest updates, and any other information in real time. Because live videos have such a tremendous impact on people all around the world, many users are looking for an ideal platform to smoothly stream their live videos in order to connect with others all over the world. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the live streaming market is booming in comparison to other internet business areas. Given the massive expansion of the live streaming industry, many prospective entrepreneurs like you would undoubtedly want to enter this thriving area.

However, not everyone who enters this industry is successful because it is necessary to establish a feature-rich live streaming platform with amazing inclusions. But a doubt will arise in your head right now. How does one go about creating a full-fledged and visually appealing live streaming platform?

The necessity for a preset internet solution arises as designing a live streaming app from scratch would undoubtedly be a tiresome and time-consuming task. As a result, utilising a ready-to-use clone solution of a well-known live streaming platform like Bigo would assist you in quickly developing an excellent live streaming site.

How does our Bigo live clone differ from other accessible live streaming solutions?


As previously stated, developing a comprehensive and appealing live streaming app is critical for running a successful live streaming business in the current market trend. Understanding the expectations of live streaming platform users, our teaWe have extensive experience in delivering appropriate Bigo live clone scripts for a variety of live streaming company concepts, including providing world-class customer support, sharing live events, announcements, and product demos, among others. As a result, you may boost your live streaming business with our best-in-class Bigo live clone script.

Bigo live clone in improved form

Our Bigo live clone is now available in an improved version 3.0.1, which includes various lucrative revenue sources and intriguing features like a dark theme, instant live streaming, quick live chat, hashtags, and so on. These additions will undoubtedly increase the number of viewers on the live streaming platform.

Technologies used

WebRTC, MongoDB, Swift, SCSS, Socket IO, and other cutting-edge technologies are used in our Bigo clone. The incorporation of these new strategies will aid in the development of an exceptional live streaming app.

Extensive testing procedures

Our Bigo clone is put through rigorous testing in order to deliver unrivalled performance across several devices and platforms. As a result, you may provide a secure environment for consumers on your live streaming platform and establish customer confidence in a short period of time.

Extremely scalable

Because our Bigo clone is scalable, it can be readily customised to meet the needs of various live streaming businesses. As a result, if you need to implement additional capabilities in your live streaming platform to entice consumers in the long term, our dependable Bigo clone solution makes it entirely achievable.

Why should you get a bigo clone app clone from us?

Customizable to the nth degree that Omninos Bigo Clone Script

Our live streaming app script provides a solution for a wide range of business types and companies that can benefit from the live streaming feature. It’s our product and your brand with 100 percent customisation!

App scripts that have already been written

It is far easier to create a Bigo live / Periscope live app clone from pre-built scripts than it is to create the app from the start. As a result, we move the product from development to deployment in about a week.

Promotional coupons and referrals

Inviting your friends to join the app is a great way to start! Users can win diamonds after a successful invitation. Watching promotional videos is another way to earn gems. Later on, these gems could be used to make in-app purchases.

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