Benefits of wooden window frames and how to maintain them

Wood windows can be a terrific architectural element for your exterior, regardless of whether you own a historic home or the most modern structure in the state. Despite the fact that the style is generally more classic, there are now so many different shapes and colours of wood windows that you are sure to find one that matches your decor perfectly. Oh, and what’s best? Wood windows are among the most economical upgrades you can make because of their high durability and environmental friendliness. We’ve highlighted 6 of our favourite features below, along with extra information about the advantages of wood windows.

1) Durability

When it’s hot or chilly, rainy or sunny, wood windows are better. They won’t warp or split like vinyl as long as they are properly sealed, and unlike metal windows, they expand and contract less when the temperature changes. These characteristics are crucial to ensuring that there are no seal failures in the window frame or between the window and glass panes that allow outside air into your home and drive up your energy costs.

2) Superior Insulation

It’s no small feat that wood windows insulate around 1,800 times better than vinyl and 400 times better than steel windows. Make sure to use energy-efficient double-paned glass, which is available in a range of designs and finishes to further boost the insulating capabilities.

3) Easy to Maintain

Wood windows frequently receive a poor name for requiring more upkeep than vinyl, metal, or fibreglass windows. It is true that wood windows are vulnerable to pests and can be easily destroyed if they are not properly sealed. High-quality wood windows, on the other hand, have tough, long-lasting sealants sprayed to them, and they just require occasional cleaning with some mild liquid soap and a soft cloth, perhaps once in the spring and once in the fall. As long as you thoroughly dust the windows, they shouldn’t require resealing for many years.

4) Highly Customizable

Almost any style of wood window may be created, and any colour can be applied to it. There are wood windows available that can be made to perfectly complement the appearance and style of your home, whether you prefer elaborate scroll work or carvings, regal crown moldings, or plain, uncomplicated panels. After a while, are you over the colour? Simply sand them down, prime them, and then repaint them how you choose. It’s really that simple.

5) Cost-Effectiveness

It is true that wood windows are more expensive than metal or vinyl ones; they normally cost $150 to $250 per unit. However, the long-term savings outweigh the initial expenditure because properly maintained wood windows are more resilient than any other material and more energy-efficient.

6) Timelessness

Wood windows are tidy, timeless, and purely lovely. Wood windows are really the sole option for keeping the overall appearance and feel of an ancient or historic home. Your wood windows may also last a lifetime because they are sturdy if sealed correctly and maintained.

It is obvious what advantages wood windows have. When durability, lifespan, affordability, customizability, ease of maintenance, and environmental advantages are added to timeless beauty, you have an upgrade that you should give careful thought to when planning your subsequent home renovation project.If you intrested in wodden windows frames services so you can visit Bespoke Carpentry Services by Ligna Carpentry.

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