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The widespread use of telegrams among people has made these messengers a convenient platform for informing and advertising at the lowest cost and highest speed. If you are thinking of advertising on Telegram to expand your business, you are probably looking for the best ways to do it. The purpose of this article is to help you choose the best way for advertising on telegram. Stay with us…

3 common methods of advertising in Telegram

In general, advertisements in Telegram messenger can be divided into 3 general categories.

  1. Publish posts in popular Telegram groups and channels
    You can publish your advertising post in the most visited groups and channels. Posting in groups is not recommended because your advertising message is likely to get lost in the crowd of other messages and get little attention. It is possible that your message does not get paid attention to in crowded telegram groups.
    Posting on channels, according to the order to the channel admin, is done in one of three ways: click, visit, and hourly. Your post will remain the last post of the channel until you reach a certain number of clicks, views, or hours, after which it may be deleted or somehow removed from users. In terms of costs, depending on the specialization of the channel and the number of its members, and the type of your order, the cost will be different and you can choose the best option according to your budget.
  1. Create a dedicated group or channel and attract members to it
    In the second method, you can create your group or channel and by attracting more members to it, provide a platform in your channel or group to introduce your services and products or publish your content. If you are thinking of adding members to increase the number of members of your group or channel, you should be aware of Telegram rules in this regard. Telegram allows the channel admin to add just 200 people to their channel, and others must join the channel themselves through the invitation link.
    These rules are different for telegram groups. Telegram allows each Telegram account to add 50 new people into a group every day. As a result, you can increase the amount of daily adding by using several telegram accounts.
    Managing multiple Telegram accounts and finding the appropriate people to join a group is time-consuming and difficult, and that is the reason for buying members. Buying members is not recommended at all because for the price you pay to buy a member you will never be sure that the purchased members are real and even if they are real, there is no guarantee that they are interested in the field of your business and will not leave the group or will not report your group to Telegram.
    Finally, we will introduce you to the appropriate tools for the correct implementation of this advertising method.
  1. Send private messages to people (the most effective method of advertising in Telegram)
    Advertising in Telegram by sending private messages is one of the most effective and efficient methods of advertising on this platform because unlike the publication of posts in Telegram groups and channels, your message will not be ignored among countless other posts. People always pay special attention to the messages they receive in their private chat (PV).
    Telegram also has rules in this regard. Telegram does not allow any account to send advertising messages to more than 50 strangers every day. So, if you want to send more advertising messages every day, you should use several Telegram accounts. Keep in mind that your audience can report your message and account to Telegram; it means, to inform Telegram that you have disturbed them by sending a message and make telegram sensitive to the text of your message and your account activities. Because of this, finding the appropriate target audience for your advertisement is so important. An audience who is interested in the field of your business does not report your message and is also happy to see it.

As we mentioned, the rules of Telegram have made it difficult to advertise by sending messages in private chat. In the following, we will introduce you to a tool that you can use to bypass all the restrictions in a completely legal way and carry out your entire advertising process in a completely automatic way.

telegram bulk advertising tools

You may think that the Telegram restrictive rules will prevent your advertising, but using the appropriate tools will make it easier for you. 

appropriate tools for advertising in Telegram are software for sending automatic messages in Telegram, which are available in the market. These software programs can work with an unlimited number of your Telegram accounts and will automatically use your other account before reaching the Telegram restrictions. These software programs can extract specifications from all members of a telegram group (including phone number, name, and username). Using this software feature, you can extract members of your competitor group or groups active in the field of your business and provide a bank of profiles of people interested in your field of work. These software programs can automatically send your intended message to these people or add them to your group. With these software programs, your advertising message (which may include text, photos, links, and videos) will be automatically sent to your target groups and your desired list of familiars and strangers.

As a result, you see that using these software programs with the lowest cost and the most efficiency and without spending time and energy, you will carry out your advertisements automatically and completely purposefully.

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