AI and Tunes: Lynn Holland and Kathryn Marshburn Chat About Keeping Music Real

Lynn Holland and Kathryn Marshburn are making noise in the music biz, talking about how AI is shaking things up. They’re all for AI making music better, but they say we gotta watch out to keep things fair for everyone who makes music.

AI’s New Beat in Music

Lynn and Kathryn are keeping an eye on AI as it changes the way we make and find music. They’re worried that if nobody keeps an eye on AI, it could start copying singers’ voices without asking. Kathryn says, “When AI gets into music, it’s not just about cool new gadgets; it’s about who owns the songs.” They think we need rules to keep AI from stepping on artists’ toes.

AI: Cool but Complicated

When AI like ChatGPT came out in 2023, everyone wanted to use it. It can do a lot of stuff on its own, which is awesome but also a bit scary. Lynn says, “Everyone’s rushing to use AI, and it’s making people nervous about who’s looking after their info.” She talks about how even big companies had to say sorry and change how they use people’s stuff. Music makers need to make sure they protect their tunes the same way.

Singers Facing Tech

Some new singers are using AI to get famous fast. Big names like Paul McCartney and Grimes are using AI to play around with their music. But not all singers are happy. Some are upset because fake versions of their songs are getting out there without them saying okay. Like when a song pretending to be by Drake got really popular, and he was not cool with that.

AI: Changing How We Make Music

There are these new tools, Boomy and AIVA, that let you mix your singing with famous songs, and they can make it sound like you’re dueting with a star. Lynn thinks these tools are a big deal. She says, “We need to talk about who owns the music when AI helps make it, but we also want to keep making cool new stuff.”

Music Biz in a Twist

Big music companies are trying to figure out what AI means for them. They’re talking to tech companies like Google to make sure when AI copies a song, it’s all good. But there’s no big plan yet for how to handle all this. Kathryn says, “Record labels are trying, but we need everyone involved to figure this out.”

Teaming Up for Music’s Future

Lynn and Kathryn are all about working together. They say, “We’ve got to get artists, the folks who run their shows, the music labels, and the tech people all talking to make sure music stays exciting and fair.” They’ve got some ideas and want everyone to help make music better in the AI age.

You can chat with these two on LinkedIn if you want to get in on the talk about music and AI: Find Lynn Holland and Kathryn Marshburn there.

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