60,000 Money-Making Chrome Extensions Are Set to be Removed from the Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store is about to witness a significant reshuffling, with a vast number of outdated chrome extensions facing removal. While this is a cause for concern for many, it opens up a world of opportunities for others.

Some developers are scouring the Chrome Web Store to find opportunities amongst extensions that will soon be outdated. While some are doing this manually, I stumbled upon a pretty cool free tool that automates this task. Chrome Analyzer not only facilitates the search but fosters a community of support to help you build and find your money-making chrome extension idea.

The update to manifest v3 has irked many, yet the younger generation sees it as a golden opportunity to drive traffic to their budding online businesses. Personally, I’m gearing up to leverage this shift, with plans to explore avenues like creating AI agents as chrome extensions and developing dedicated testing tools.

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