5 Wondrous Places To Visit In Japan

Japan is one of the most picturesque nations in the world and offers an extensive range of spectacular sights. Discover the natural wonders of Japan that are beckoning you to come visit. Crammed into this little nation are 5 natural treasures that can deliver you your life’s best nature experiences:

  1. The Cherry Blossom Blooms

Numerous cherry trees bloom in spring all around Japan, with hues ranging from the palest pink to a riotous magenta. When that happens, people start to gather for ‘hanami,’ or cherry blossom viewing parties, in parks and along river banks. It’s a centuries-old custom that’s still widely practised today. The flowers only bloom for a few days, representing how fleeting life is while also serving as a reminder to enjoy the moment. 

  1. Mount Fuji

Mt. Fuji (3776m) is bound to amaze you even from a distance. It is one of Japan’s most revered and iconic tourist destinations. The tallest mountain in Japan is nothing short of its splendour up close with its absolutely symmetrical cone. It is even more breathtaking to watch dawn break up behind its summit .  Every year, hundreds of thousands of people climb it, carrying on a centuries-old custom of making pilgrimages to the revered volcano. 

  1. Nachi Falls

Japan’s highest waterfall, Nachi-no-taki in Nachi-Katsuura, is 133 metres high. Hir-jinja, a modest shrine with a viewing platform and a place to worship the falls, is where you can climb the 135 stairs for a close-up view of the falls. Longevity is said to be increased by drinking water from the dragon’s mouth at the font (using your hands as a bowl). 

  1. Cape of Muroto-misaki

One of Shikoku’s two large capes that protrudes into the Pacific is called Muroto-misaki. Muroto is renowned in Japanese literature as one of the wildest places in the country and as the “doorway to the land of the dead.” The Pacific seems like a millpond on a calm day, but in bad weather, Muroto is pummelling by enormous waves and buffeted by the wind. 

  1. Yakushima Island

Small island Yakushima, which is off the coast of southern Kyush, is frequently referred to as mystical, enthralling, and even otherworldly. It’s a place where words fall short and clichés take over. The yakusugi, an old cedar that is indigenous to the island and whose enormous roots resemble alien tentacles, is found here, along with some of Japan’s last remaining primaeval forest. Underneath them, hiking trails crisscross rocky ground that is frequently covered in moss. The famous animated film Princess Mononoke is thought to have drawn influence from this setting. (1997).

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