10 essential tips on playing roulette

Playing online roulette has become incredibly popular. Many will go so far as to call it the most popular live casino game on gaming sites. Therefore, more people are looking for tips to play roulette at the casino, and you can get that right here on this page. Whether you are a beginner or already experienced playing the roulette wheel, you will surely learn some of the best roulette tips. We look at why it is important to learn how to play roulette. In addition, we will also touch on how you can get more out of playing roulette online with a casino bonus. Get better at playing the fun casino game with our 10 roulette tips below.

1. Learn to play roulette

First on the list of our roulette tips is unsurprisingly about learning how to play the game. You will go the furthest in playing the casino game when you know the rules. Therefore, spend at least 10-20 minutes reading them. Also, we recommend watching some YouTube videos once in a while. It will help you become better at playing online roulette.

2. Learn the math behind the game

Maybe feel like you’re not good at numbers, but don’t worry, you can be. Games like this are often about statistics and math. That’s why number two on our list of roulette tips is to learn the math behind the game. It can help you understand the setup and thus become better at placing bets. You can also bet on corner bets, line bets and other inside bets.

3. Bet on outside bets

Other roulette tips recommend focusing on outside bets. Here are speech bets, which may be easier to understand for beginners. You can bet on “50/50 bets”. It can be red or black, or e.g. even or odd. It is also possible to bet on a range of numbers. For example on numbers between 1 and 18 or 19 and 36.

4. Bet on inside bets for better odds

You may consider following online roulette tips to play on inside bets. Here we are talking about bets on numbers between 1 and 36. Among other things, you can bet on a “split bet”, which is about choosing two “adjacent numbers”. There you divide your bet between the two numbers.

5. Don’t play by betting systems

You can bet on betting systems, but many online roulette tips advise against doing so. There are no proven betting systems that are the recipe for success. Ultimately, roulette is a game of chance. Therefore, you can never be sure of winning. That’s why many roulette tips recommend that you don’t focus on betting systems, as you might not get as much out of them.

6. Set a budget and stick to it

It is important that you enjoy playing roulette online. Therefore, tips for roulette almost always include a tip like this. Here it is about setting a gambling budget for how much money you allow yourself to bet. That way, your money bets don’t get the better of you, and it can help you get the most out of your online roulette.

7. Play the European roulette

You can play both American and European roulette online. Many online roulette tips recommend focusing on the European version. This is because there is only one zero number on the wheel and not two. Therefore, the house has a smaller edge in European roulette and it gives you a higher theoretical payback percentage.

8. Play online roulette at recognized online casinos

Among the best tips for online casino roulette, it is also important to play at recognized casinos. It is important that you can actually bet your real money and potentially win real prizes. To follow this tip for casino roulette, it is best that you play at a recognized gambling site. You can see this, among other things, by their gaming license. For example, if they have permission from the Gambling Authority in Canada, you can trust your bets in roulette at that casino.

9. Play with casino bonus

Play with casino bonusMany roulette gambling tips recommend playing with bonus. Roulette games usually have a higher RTP than, for example, online slot machines. Therefore, roulette is typically excluded from the casino bonus. But if you can find bonuses that can be used for the game, you can follow one of the most popular online roulette tips to get more out of your bets.

10. Play online roulette for free

It is less common, but you can also play online roulette for free. Typically, it is the board game version of the popular game. Here you can test the demo version. Not only is it a cozy solution to play for fun. You can also use it to practice. So that’s another tip for roulette that might help you get better.

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