Darth Vader Child Costume and Mask

My youngest son finally made up his mind about his Halloween costume a few weeks ago. Given that he has spent the majority of the year talking about Scooby Doo and Ninjago, we were actually rather surprised by it. Lord Vader was his choice, of all things! As if he understands what the Deathstar is.

It’s not a horrible thing; simply that it appeared out of nowhere. He doesn’t spend his days binge-watching Star Wars. Heck, I doubt that he has ever even been mentioned in a movie. He explained that the iPad app Star Wars Angry Birds was the reason he decided on a Darth Vader costume when I questioned him about it. He even made the light sabre swishing motion as he spoke! Why, yes! Kid likes his iPad.

I’m really grateful that sent me a Star Wars Darth Vader Child Costume to try out.

Everything, including the belt and cape and the jumpsuit, worked perfectly for us. My almost-5-year-old did not find the jumpsuit to be overly big. We choose a small, which fits sizes 4-6. The belt ties on to allow adjustability for youngsters of all sizes, and the cape attaches to the jumpsuit with ease and security. All of it is very nice.
The mask and boot straps on the Star Wars Darth Vader Child Costume were a difficulty for us. Only a small Velcro closure at the end of a relatively thin strap is present on the mask and boot straps. Sadly, there is no way to adjust it, so my son’s head or feet did not fit. For him, it was much too large.

It would be ideal if the Velcro went all the way down the straps so that it could be adjusted. Well, nearly…
The plastic eye holes that you are intended to gaze out of on the mask are another issue. Yes, it appears to be fine from the outside, but when you put the mask on and look around, it feels as though you are looking through a set of prescription glasses that is not appropriate for you. It causes eyesight distortion! We intend to remove the plastic eye holes because that is not nice. Although it may appear odd, at least my son will have clear vision.

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