How do Public Adjusters Work?

Despite what you may think, public adjusters are not insurance company employees. In fact, they work for you – the policyholder. Their job is to make sure you get the most out of your insurance claim and protect your interests. Here’s a look at how public adjusters work and what they can do for you. Public adjusters are insurance claims professionals who work on behalf...

How to Write the Perfect Job Advert for Contract Workers

Is writing a job advert to attract contractors an art or science? Both? The answer to this question will differ depending upon your own personal view. While individuality is important to incorporate into a job advert from the vantage point of making your company stand out, there are rules to follow. Be Honest About Benefits Much discussion is often given to listing the benefits and while...

Medical Courier Service

There is nothing more important than Northern Virginia and Washington DC medical courier service when linking labs, healthcare clinics, hospitals, and other important medical facilities

When Projects Fall Short of Expectations: 7 Common Causes of Project Failure

Managing a project from start to end can be challenging work, requiring consistent diligence, and attention. And when you put in the work, you naturally expect the project to succeed. However, projects can fail, despite all your best efforts.Did you know 75% of business and IT executives expect their projects to fail and believe they're doomed from the start? One in six projects has an average cost overrun...

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